Baleal in Portugal

Our location

Where you surf matters, which is why we’ve chosen one of the best surfspots in the world. Discover our cozy surfcamp in the charming little surf village of Baleal in Portugal! Here, the people are friendly and live for surfing. With the unique landscape, waves are created that rank among the best in the world and suit surfers of all levels.

Of course! Baleal is more than just surfing.

Our surf camp – We stay in bright and comfortable villas, apartments, and hotels that invite to delightful socializing and comfortable hangouts both before and after the surf sessions.

In our cozy surf village – In the village of Baleal where we reside, we have over 20 restaurants and cafes, beach bars, lovely surf shops, yoga studios, pharmacies, and other stores.

One of the world’s best surf spots – Within a 10-minute walk, you can reach several different surf spots offering a wide variety of waves, ranging from beginner-friendly to advanced waves.

Wellness and health – Here you’ll find some of Europe’s most beautiful walking paths and running trails in a breathtaking environment on top of high mountains overlooking the sea.

The weather

Portugal has about 3,000 hours of sunshine and, with its Mediterranean climate, it means warm summers and mild winters, with hardly any summer rain. Even in winter, the amount of rain is relatively low. Baleal has extremely small temperature differences thanks to the moderating effect of the sea combined with the region’s Mediterranean climate. Therefore, the temperature remains pleasant year-round, and during the winter months, it rarely drops below 14 degrees Celsius in the shade, which means considerably warmer in the sun and around 7 hours of sunshine! The sea temperature ranges between 14-20 degrees Celsius.

With our wetsuits, you can comfortably surf all year round. The summers are not too hot and humid, but usually range around 22-25 degrees Celsius in the shade. So, it’s absolutely perfect for enjoying an active holiday week.

Read more about the weather in our guide >

Excursions in the area

Swim in magical blue waters on


Berlengas is known for its clear and magically blue water, so clean that especially sensitive species can thrive there. Here, you’ll experience a wonderful day in the dramatic nature of the Atlantic, a journey across open sea by boat, and all that entails.

A family-owned local vineyard with fantastic organic wines.

A vineyard in Cortém

30 minutes from Baleal, amongst fruit orchards and lush countryside, you’ll find Cortém Vineyard. A small and charming estate nestled on a hill between two small valleys with vineyards on both sides.

Visit the portugese capital


Explore Portugal’s capital with its unique history, beautiful architecture, and creativity. There, you can stroll around viewpoints, stop at a cozy cafe to enjoy the Portuguese pastry Pastel de nata, or simply feel the city’s vibrant pulse.

The enchanting fairytale city


The enchanting fairytale city of Sintra is only 1 hour and 30 minutes from Baleal but feels like a completely different world. Among the forested Sintra Mountains, you’ll find many dazzling palaces and magnificent castles surrounded by exotic parks and gardens. Bring your family, partner, friends, or colleagues here and play king and queen for a day.

The Atlantic City


The Atlantic city of Nazaré is a cozy fishing village that offers long sandy beaches with relaxing beachside hangouts during the summer. Nazaré has also become a mecca for those brave enough to surf some of the world’s biggest waves. About a 50-minute drive from Baleal, the giant waves roll onto Praia do Norte beach. During the winter, from November to March, the city becomes a magnet for big wave surfers. The best place to observe everything from is from Sítio da Nazaré, next to the red lighthouse (Fort São Miguel Arcanjo).

The medieval picturesque village


Just 20 minutes from Baleal, you can explore the enchanted charm of this medieval village. Wander through narrow streets surrounded by picturesque houses and colorful flowers. Experience the magical views from the city walls and explore the charming shops selling local crafts and delicacies.