Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Sunday is arrival and departure day. We offer round-trip transfers from Lisbon Airport (LIS) if you arrive between 9AM-7PM and departure is between 10AM-8PM.

During the November break, the weather in Baleal, Portugal, where we are located, is usually really good. The average temperature for the autumn break week is 20 degrees Celsius, and the water temperature is around 18 degrees Celsius. Plus, we always have comfortable wetsuits when we surf, so we don’t really worry much about the water temperature. Additionally, there is usually a lovely off-season feeling with fewer people in the village and in the sea. Absolutely magical, in other words!

We have several families traveling with us every summer, and you would fit in perfectly. Over half of our guests are families with children. We can promise you’ll have a wonderful week with great hangouts and good, fun surfing for both the kids and adults. We tailor our surf groups well and have only 3-5 people per surf instructor, which many parents appreciate. Children usually love doing activities with all the other kids, such as surfing, swimming in the pool, playing hide-and-seek, and lots of other fun things.

Breakfast buffet is included in all packages. Lunch and dinner is arranged by oneself, usually at a nice beach café or restaurant. There are several cozy restaurants and cafés in the village but there is also kitchens in our villas that you can cook in.

Baleal and Fuerteventura, where we are based, is perfect for both beginners and more advanced surfers. There is always surf sports where the waves are small and gentle. We have small groups (about 3-5 people per instructor) and educational instructors who tailor the classes to your needs. Our guests have been at all different levels, with their own various experiences, courage/fears, of all ages between 6-68 years old. It’s more common than you think to have a fear of the sea and its forces. We will help you step by step through the process from the beach to the sea and onto the board at your own pace. Imagine the feeling when you have overcome your fears and surf on your own!

So glad you’re interested in surfing with us! Traveling solo is absolutely no issue. With us, you’ll be part of a wonderful community if you choose to, during meals, surf sessions, and other activities. We usually have a good mix of solo travelers, friends, and families. We ensure a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.

There are two different setups for our youngest surfers aged 4-6.

A) They can participate in Pre Surf Kids, where they will engage in fun and meaningful surf-preparation activities on the beach while the parents surf. We build sandcastles, play in the smaller waves, hunt for crabs and seashells, surf with bodyboards, and other enjoyable activities. The price is the same as for the other children. (Pre Surf Kids is only offered during summer vacation weeks).

B) During summer vacation weeks, we have two surf groups per day. This means that you parents can split up so that one parent surfs with surf group 1 and the other with surf group 2. Then the 7-year-old can surf with whichever group you think is best. This setup means that both adults can surf as usual throughout the week, and there is always one of you available to take care of the 4-year-old. We usually suggest that you play in the water and try some bodyboarding and other surf-preparation games with the 4-year-old so she will soon be eager to start surfing too. It’s a lot about stimulating joy, motivation, and water confidence at that age.

There are many different airlines that operate flights from Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Copenhagen to Lisbon. Check, for example, or similar websites for cheap flights with good departure times.

It is possible to find direct flights with TAP year-round, while Norwegian and SAS offer direct routes only during the peak season. You can also fly with Lufthansa with a stopover via Frankfurt/Munich or alternatively with the airline KLM via Amsterdam.

We collaborate with the travel agency Bäckman & Berg. Feel free to contact them if you wish to get help booking flight tickets. They can also assist you in booking a rental car and any extra nights in Lisbon before or after your surfing stay with us.

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