Autumn trip 2024 with sun and surfing

Autumn trip with sun and surfing

When others talk about rain and gloom, you can choose a completely different path, with an autumn trip to a place where the sun still shines. Experience culture, nature, and surfing at its best, and prepare yourself for winter with unforgettable memories

Autumn is approaching, and even though the memory of summer still warms us, everyday life is increasingly edged with darkness and cold. Shorts, dresses, and sandals are exchanged without much thought for jeans, jackets, and boots. The sun-kissed face that has flattered our reflections returns to a lighter shade, and the sun-bleached highlights in our hair become increasingly invisible. The beautiful colors of autumn are not to be diminished, but it can certainly feel bitter when the days grow shorter and the sun’s rays struggle to reach our eager and nostalgic faces.

Indeed, considering that many of us suffer from both fatigue and lethargy during the autumn, it’s not surprising that we seek out more southern latitudes.

Drömmig surf på hösten
Surfing under höstresa
Höstresa med surfing i Portugal

The summer is finally over

Enhance autumn with an unforgettable trip to Southern Europe where the climate is still characterized by warm sunrays that embrace both body and soul. You’ll avoid the very worst heat that can grip Southern Europeans during the summer, as well as the crowds of tourists covering the kilometer-long beaches.

Capture stunning views and magnificent nature experiences in silence – without being disturbed by the buzz from other summer visitors. Additionally, everything from flights, accommodation, and culinary experiences can be enjoyed at a much cheaper price as soon as the high season ends.

Portugal - an autumn paradise for all tastes

Portugal is an ideal destination during autumn. Here, the average temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius in September, 22 degrees in October, and 19 degrees in November. Even the sea temperature is pleasant and refreshing.

The landscape is characterized by seemingly endless sandy beaches surrounded by breathtaking mountain formations. The roads are lined with countless vineyards in the midst of the best harvest season, and behind every corner, historical sites and culturally significant cities reveal themselves. And these, in turn, consist of authentic restaurants and well-stocked shops – filled to the brim with local delicacies, such as fish, seafood, and delightful wines.

Surf in Baleal in the autumn

For surfers, Portugal is one of the world’s most attractive destinations thanks to the Atlantic coast’s magical ability to deliver one top-class wave after another. And unlike the summer, when competition for waves is fierce, you’ll have the best possible conditions to learn to surf in peace. Moreover, the autumn season often offers perfectly shaped waves for both beginners and pros.

Portugal’s autumn climate is simply optimal for you to incorporate your surf dreams. This is especially true for Baleal – a small Portuguese village that seems to have been created by the surf gods to live up to their followers’ expectations of unforgettable surf experiences. The little peninsula is always ready to receive the powerful sea and distribute gentle beginner waves towards sheltered beaches. And for the experienced surfer, there are magnificent spots with powerful waves just a few hundred meters away.

So do yourself a favor and book a trip in the sign of sun and waves. Laugh at autumn with us at Magnus & friends.

Winter package at Magnus & friends

As a long-stay visitor during the winter, you have full access to a co-working space where you can conduct your work in an inspiring environment. Work sessions are mixed with surf sessions, and our surf package includes both instructor, lessons, wetsuit, and surfboard to give you the best possible conditions to master the waves.

Welcome to work and surf with us this winter!